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Nurse Residency Program Graduates Its First Class

August 01, 2014
Nurse Residency Program Graduation July 2014
Nurse Residency Program Graduates at Their July 2, 2014 Ceremony

Baystate's year-old Nurse Residency Program graduated its first class of 12 residents on July 2, 2014.

The graduation ceremony, held at the Baystate Conference Center, included presentations of the graduates' evidence-based capstone projects—a training requirement designed to teach residents critical patient outcome evaluation skills.

The keynote speakers were Mark Kerouac MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Baystate Health, and Nancy Shendell-Falik RN, MA, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer, BMC.

The 12-month program hires new BSN graduates into open nursing positions at Baystate three times a year in March, July and September. There are 41 residents currently in the program. The 5-year plan is for all new nurses to come in through the residency program.

According to Nurse Residency Program Manager Cara Chandler RN, MS, CNL, applications almost doubled from approximately 400 to 700 in the first two rounds. She anticipates 1,000 applicants for the next round.

The Graduates

Nurse Residency Graduate Name Clinical Area
Emilia Berrena, BSN, RN HVCC/PCU
Shayna Bronstein, MS, RN  Wesson 4
Andrea Castanera, BSN, RN Daly 6 B
Chrispina Chitemerere, BSN, RN VNA
Kelsey Curley, BSN, RN Daly 5 A
Shannon Griffin, BSN, RN  NICU
Stephen Konefal, BSN, RN PICU
Caitlin Lamoureux, BSN, RN Wesson 4
Amanda MacRae, BSN, RN Daly 3 B
Katelyn O’Rourke, BSN, RN Daly 6 B
Phylicia Richards, BSN, RN Springfield 1
Victoria Roberts, BSN, RN HVCC/PCU