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Nurse Residents' Evidence-based Capstone Projects Aim to Support Baystate Strategic Goals

March 01, 2014

As part of their training in Baystate's Nurse Residency Program, nurse residents are required to conduct an evidence-based Capstone project.

"Completing these projects helps nurse residents who are providing direct patient care to learn to evaluate outcomes by observing their patients and collecting data to promote best practices," says Cara Chandler, RN, MS, Program Manager of the Nurse Residency program. "The development of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills is essential to maximizing patient outcomes."

Currently, 20 nurse residents are involved in 7 projects. The projects will be presented in the final month of the program.

Nurse Resident(s) Capstone Project
Eve Lytle-Rich
Joanna Sykula
Mariya Demyanchuk
In CHF populations, how effective is teach back method compared to non-teach back methods in reducing re-admission rates within 30 days after discharge?
Carly Kimball On Infants and Children’s unit, How does implementing daytime quiet hours compared with no daytime quiet hours improve staff satisfaction?
Lauren Derouin
Julie Hawkes
Cassandra Tetrault
What are nurses checking off on the falls risk tool and what is actually being implemented?
Spencer Driscoll
Joe Ferreira
Inez Carapeta
Brigid Gildea
In hospitalized patients, does a specific uniform color for various staff members increase patient satisfaction compared to a non-specific uniform?
Alyssa Sullivan
Sara Thomas
In NICU and PICU, what is the difference on neonatal development between infants who received oral sucrose during heel sticks and infants who didn't receive it?
Stephen Konefol
Shannon Griffin
Meagan Gillis
In multipara post partum patients who delivered vaginally, how does immediate skin to skin with the mother compare to separating mom and baby at birth for baby's assessment affect the patient's gratification with infant bonding within the first hour of life?
Victoria Roberts
Emilia Berrena
Katelyn O’Rourke
Andrea Castanera
What is the effect on Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections of Increasing the utilization of the nursing driven protocol for foley removal?