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Mihaela S. Stefan, MD

Medicine Department   Image  
General Medicine Division
  • Co-Director, Scholarly Activity Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Research Scientist, Center for Quality of Care Research
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Director, Medical Consultation Program and Outpatient Perioperative Clinic
Department of General Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine
759 Chestnut Street, S2660
Springfield, MA 01199
  • PhD, Clinical and Translational Science
    Tufts University Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
    Boston, MA
  • Internal Medicine Residency
    St. John's Episcopal Hospital/SUNY
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Carol Davilla School of Medicine
    Bucharest, Romania


Honors and Awards
  • The Lasagna Award for Translational Research, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Science, 2013
  • Natalie Zucker Research Center Grant for Women Scholars, 2010
Areas of Interest
  • Research is focused on improving the outcomes of hospitalized patients with respiratory diseases and of elderly patients undergoing noncardiac surgeries.
Professional Service
  • Fellow, American College of Physicians
  • Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Hospital Practice
  • Reviewer, Medical Care, Journal of Hospital Medicine, Journal of
  • General Internal Medicine, Hospital Practice, European Journal of Respiratory
  • Diseases, International Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, Academic
  • Medicine Journal, Chest Journal, American Journal of Geriatrics


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  • The effectiveness of noninvasive ventilation in patients hospitalized with acute respiratory failure; K01 NIH NHLBI Career Development Award (4 years)
  • A Coordinated Multidisciplinary Intervention to Improve the Outcomes of Frail Patients Undergoing Urgent Noncardiac Surgeries or Hospitalized with Trauma; Baystate Insurance Company
  • Epidemiology and Outcomes of Acute Respiratory Failure in Hospitalized Patients in US in 2001 – 2009; Tufts University, Charlton Grant
  • The association of beta-blocker therapy with outcomes in patients hospitalized for acute exacerbations of COPD with underlying ischemic heart disease or heart failure; 2010 KM1 Mentored Career Development Award in Comparative Effectiveness Research, Tufts CTSI 
  • Simulation-based Training for 3rd Year Medical Students– A   Combined Medical and Surgical Effort to Link Theory with Practice