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Obstetrics-Gynecology Publications - 2012

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Celik H, Harmanli O. Evaluation and management of voiding dyssfunction after midurethral sling procedures. J Turkish-German Gyneol Assoc 2012;13:123-127.
  • Chadwick KD, Burkman RT, Tornesi BM, Mahadevan B. Fifty years of "the Pill": Risk reduction and discovery of benefits beyond contraception, reflections, and forecast. Toxicol Sci 2012;125:2-9.
  • Fortner RT, Pekow P, Dole N, Markenson G, Chasan-Taber L. Risk factors for prenatal depressive symptoms among Hispanic women. Matern Child Health J 2011;15:1287-1295.
  • Goff SL, Pekow PS, Markenson G, Knee A, Chasan-Taber L, Lindenauer PK. Validity of using ICD-9-CM codes to identify selected categories of obstetric complications, procedures and co-morbidities. Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol 2012;26:421-429.
  • Harmanli O, Hong EK, Rubin R, Jones KA, Boyer RL, Metz S. Is antibiotic prophylaxis necessary for midurethral sling procedures? A series of 174 cases without preoperative antibiotics. Int Urogynecol J 2012;23:621-623.
  • Jones K, Harmanli O, Robinson CA, Esin S, Citil A, Knee A. Effect of concomitant oophorectomy on the perioperative outcomes of laparoscopic hysterectomy. Int J Gynaecol Obstet 2012;117:84-85.
  • Lynch KE, Landsbaugh JR, Whitcomb BW, Pekow P, Markenson G, Chasan-Taber L. Physical activity of pregnant Hispanic women. Am J Prev Med 2012;43:434-439.
  • Marchbanks PA, Curtis KM, Mandel MG, Wilson HG, Jeng G, Folger SG, McDonald JA, Daling JR, Bernstein L, Malone KE, Wingo PA, Simon MS, Norman SA, Strom BL, Ursin G, Weiss LK, Burkman RT, Spirtas R. Oral contraceptive formulation and risk of breast cancer. Contraception 2012;85:342-350.
  • Matteson KA, Abed H, Wheeler TL, 2nd Sung VW, Rahn DD, Schaffer JI, Balk EM, Society of Gynecologic Surgeons Systematic Review Group [Group Member- Harmanli O]. A systematic review comparing hysterectomy with less-invasive treatments for abnormal uterine bleeding. J Minim Invasive Gynecol 2012;19:13-28.
  • Murphy KE, Willan AR, Hannah ME, Ohlsson A, Kelly EN, Matthews SG, Saigal S, Asztalos E, Ross S, Delisle MF, Amankwah K, Guselle P, Gafni A, Lee SK, Armson BA, Multiple Courses of Antenatal Corticosteroids for Preterm Birth Study Collaborative Group [Collaborator-Bsat F]. Effect of antenatal corticosteroids on fetal growth and gestational age at birth. Obstet Gynecol 2012;119:917-923.
  • Nguyen D, Nguyen C, Yacobozzi M, Bsat F, Rakita D. Imaging of the placenta with pathologic correlation. Semin Ultrasound CT MR 2012;33:65-77.
  • Puri A, Khadem P, Ahmed S, Yadav P, Al Dulaimy K. Imaging of trauma in a pregnant patient. Semin Ultrasound CT MR 2012;33:37-45.
  • Reding KW, Carlson CS, Kahsai O, Chen CC, McDavid A, Doody DR, Chen C, Ornelas I, Lowe K, Bernstein L, Weiss L, McDonald JA, Simon MS, Strom B, Marchbanks PA, Burkman R, Spirtas R, Liff JM, Malone KE. Examination of ancestral informative markers and self-reported race with tumor characteristics of breast cancer among Black and White women. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2012;134:801-809.
  • Reding KW, Chen C, Lowe K, Doody DR, Carlson CS, Chen CT, Houck J, Weiss LK, Marchbanks PA, Bernstein L, Spirtas R, McDonald JA, Strom BL, Burkman RT, Simon MS, Liff JM, Daling JR, Malone KE. Estrogen-related genes and their contribution to racial differences in breast cancer risk. Cancer Causes Control 2012;23:671-681.
  • Schnatz P, Pattison K, White J, Mandavilli S, Sharpless K, Hoffman J. Melanoma presenting as atypical glandular cells on cervical cytology. J Sympt Signs 2012;1:20-23.
  • Wheeler TL, 2nd Murphy M, Rogers RG, Gala R, Washington B, Bradley L, Uhlig K, Society of Gynecologic Surgeons Systematic Review Group [Group Member-Harmanli O]. Clinical practice guideline for abnormal uterine bleeding: hysterectomy versus alternative therapy. J Minim Invasive Gynecol 2012;19:81-88.
  • Yonkers KA, Gotman N, Smith MV, Forray A, Belanger K, Brunetto WL, Lin H, Burkman RT, Zelop CM, Lockwood CJ. Does antidepressant use attenuate the risk of a major depressive episode in pregnancy?. Epidemiology 2011;22:848-854.


  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [Burkman R]. PROLOG: Patient Management in the Office, 6th ed. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2012.

Book Chapters

  • Aulakh SK, Plevyak MP. Bartholin's Cyst. In McGarry K (editor). The 5-Minute Consult Clinical Companion to Women's Health. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012.
  • Harmanli O. Colpoclesis. In Guner H (editor). Gynecologic Surgery. , 2012.
  • Plevyak MP, Aulakh SK. Pregnancy, Vaginal Bleeding. In McGarry K (editor). The 5-Minute Consult Clinical Companion to Women's Health. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012.

Research Presentations

  • CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting. Plevyak M, Sankey H, St. Marie P, Katz N. Resident obstetric ultrasound performance. Can we improve the quality?. Orlando, FL. Mar 8, 2012.
  • CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting. Sankey H, Plevyak M, Vancini T. New OB-GYN residents: An innovative approach to teaching the basics. Orlando, FL. Mar 8, 2012.
  • CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting. Siddiqui N, Namey E, Plevyak M, Raine S, Stinson J, Katz N. Resident curricula: A needs assessment. Orlando, FL. Mar 8, 2012.
  • Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Annual Meeting. Allaf M, Ravangard S, Wax J, Chavez M, Borgida A, Shamshirsaz A, Markenson G, Vintzileos A, Campbell W, Egan J, Reinaldo F, Cartia A, Lee C, Shamshirsaz A. Does first-trimester ultrasound predict obstetrical outcomes in monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancies?. Dallas, TX. Oct 11-Oct 12, 2012. Poster presentation; Published abstract in Am J Ob Gyn 206(1S):S169.