Continuing Education at Baystate Medical Center

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January 31: Perianesthesia Nursing

February 12: ACLS Recertification

February 19: Back to Basics: Creating Robust Simulations to Meet Learner Needs

February 25: Hepatitis Treatment: A Primer for Primary Care

March 5: Recognizing and Responding to Child Physical Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

March 7: A Step in the Right Direction: Surgeries of the Lower Extremities

March 11: Opioid Abuse, Dependence, and Addiction in Pregnancy

March 12 & 13: ACLS

March 16: Responding to Child Abuse in our Communities

March 18: Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS)

March 19: PALS Recertification

March 21: Anesthesiology Symposium

March 24: Endocrinology Conference

March 26: Trends in Pulmonary Care Conference

March 28: Frontiers in Endoscopy

March 31: Wound Care Symposium

April 2: Practical Pediatrics

April 9: ACLS Recertification

April 16: Victims' Rights Conference: The Many Victims of Substance Abuse

April 28: Samuel D. Plotkin Heart and Vascular Symposium

April 29: PALS Advanced

April 30-May 1: Hot Topics in Breastfeeding: Collaboration with the Experts

May 6: Richard B. Brown Infectious Disease Symposium

May 13: Pediatrics: Real Cases, Real Solutions

May 21 & 22: PALS

May 22: 33rd Annual Cytopathology Symposium

May 28: ACLS Recertification

May 31: End of Life Application

July 23: PALS Recertification

September 29: Annual Pediatric Trauma Conference

October 6: The Patient Experience: Explore, Engage, Excel

October 29: Neuroscience

November 3: Contemporary Topics in Pain Management Symposium

November 4: Women's Health

November 7: Vascular Conference