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ACGME Educational Innovations Project

Our Internal Medicine Residency Program is one of only 17 Internal Medicine residency programs chosen in March 2006 to participate in the first round of  the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's Educational Innovations Project (EIP). Currently, there are 21 participants. 

The EIP empowers programs to develop innovative training models for the purpose of advancing quality patient care, facilitating competency-based education and outcomes assessment, and better serving the professional needs and career goals of residents.

ACGME awarded EIP grants to Internal Medicine Residency Programs that are demonstrably well-suited and ready for innovation. Qualifications to participate included an excellent accreditation review history, strong institutional support, Electronic Medical Record, and sound program structure.

Learner-Manager-Teacher Model: Baystate’s EIP

A graduating resident being considered for a faculty position 

made a request that changed our program. She asked to 

manage patients on her own before taking on resident teaching.

Her comment prompted us to reexamine our approach.

Understanding that patient care and education are interdependent, we designed a system that maximizes the quality of both - our Learner-Manager-Teacher Model.

We conceived the first year as the Learner stage, the second year as the Manager stage, and the third year as the Teacher Stage.

The L-M-T Model has several advantages.

  • PGY2s are freed from the responsibility of teaching PGY1s. They manage patients on their own, working one-on-one with attending physicians.
  • PGY1s are all taught by PGY3s who have more clinical experience.
  • PGY3s focus on teaching and leadership skills as they supervise PGY1s.
  • Teaching sessions are better focused to the developmentally appropriate stage.

As an Internal Medicine resident here at Baystate, you will be participating in this exciting project.