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Trauma Service Curriculum

The Trauma Service consists of PGY4, PGY3 and PGY1 residents. The chief of the service is the PG4.

The objectives for the service are:

  • Basic and advanced resuscitation techniques using ATLS protocol methods
  • Wound care management in the trauma room and acute care settings
  • Basic surgical skills involving incision, wound closures, handling of tissues and selection/use of operating instruments.
  • Advanced surgical skills involving emergent laparotomy, thoracotomy, and surgical airway techniques
  • Anatomy, physiology, and pathology of all systems affected by traumatic injury, including the functional evaluation of:

    • central nervous system
    • cardiovascular system
    • pulmonary system
    • gastrointestinal system
    • extremity function
    • nutritional status
  • Principles of the critical care management of the trauma patient
  • Acute management of extremity injury, including need for casts, splints, and traction
  • Rehabilitative issues in the early care of the traumatically injured as well as indications for, and the provision of, nutritional support for patients traumatically injured