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Back (L to R): Lisa Guilbault; Carolyn Tranghese; Jeanette Rivera; Tamara Wrenn; Cathy Rousseau, Director; Jennifer Choiniere; Charlene Leary; Gary Bessette; Marie Paiva; Beth Halla; Sally Irelan; Sheila Dever; Tiffany Blake; Nancy Chapdelaine; Leah Pesculis; Marion Bowen; Denise Hart; Liz Chapdelaine; Michelle Lempke; Donald Higby, M.D.; Pamela Lucas; Wilson Mertens, M.D., Medical Director; Holly Phaneuf, M.D.; Perrie Ryan, M.D.; Deborah Katz, M.D.; Glenda Flynn; Helen James; Armen Asik, M.D.; Marie Willis; Michael Yunes, M.D.; Theresa Banas; Richard Steingart, M.D. Middle(L to R): Angela Lowe; Melissa Williams; Reanne Burke; Tina Lariviere; Karen Ravosa; Sharon Clark; Diane Leal-Mastorealakis; Brian Acker, M.D.; Grace Makari-Judson, M.D.; Sandra Hubbard. Front (L to R): Lisa Martensson; Jennifer Bell; Kathleen Wilbur; Jennifer Casavant; Donna Wallace; Anabelle Spenard; Vanessa Valentin; Jenni Adamczyk; Marsha Avellan; Betzaida Lopez; Candace Bignell.
D'Amour Center for Cancer Care, 3350 Main Street, 3rd floor
Springfield MA, 01199

Physicians & Staff:

James Alexander Stewart, MD, Chief - Baystate Regional Cancer Program - Hematology and Oncology

Syed Ali, MD

Armen Asik, MD

Lucenda Cassells, MD

Leslie Howard, MD

Deborah Katz, MD

Chandravathi Loke, MD

Grace Makari-Judson, MD,  Chair, Baystate Health Breast Network

John McCann, MD, Medical Director of Oncology, Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Wilson Mertens, MD

Richard Steingart, MD


Meet our physicians....

Services Include:

  -  Diagnosis and treatment of cancer and blood disorders.

  -  Management of symptoms caused by cancer or by treatment therapies.

  -  Chemotherapy

  -  Biological therapy, employing cytokines and monoclonal antibodies

  -  Hormone therapy

About Our Practice: Baystate Regional Cancer Program - Hematology and Oncology provides the region's largest and most highly regarded leukemia practice, offering therapy to adults afflicted with these rare but serious disorders.  Baystate Medical Center's hematology laboratory and transfusion services support these patients with the intensive therapy these diseases require.  Baystate's hematology specialists actively diagnose and treat all types of blood disorders. including anemia, bleeding and blood clotting abnormalities, as well as sickle cell disease and other hemoglobinopathies. 
Specialty:  Hematology and Oncology

We participate in most insurance programs offered in our area. If you have any questions about whether your specific health plan covers our services, please call the toll-free number on the back of your insurance member ID card.


If you have commercial insurance coverage, primary or secondary, we will submit a claim to your insurance carrier. You are responsible for all balances due after your insurance company pays its portion, as well as for any co-payments required by your insurance company at the time of the visit.


If you are concerned about billing or have a question about acceptable insurance, please call one of the following numbers.


  •  For Physician Billing – (413) 794-5700


  •  For Hospital Billing – (413) 794-9999