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Radiological Technologists and Ultrasound Sonographers

Your Examiner: A Medical Professional

At the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center, the professional conducting your imaging exam is usually a radiologic technologist. The only exception is that if you’re having an ultrasound, your exam is conducted by a sonographer. Either way, you are in the hands of a medical professional. He or she is specially trained and licensed to conduct your exam and is an expert in running the imaging equipment used in your exam.

Through advanced medical training, our examiners are educated in:

  • Anatomy
  • Patient care
  • Patient exam positioning
  • Imaging examination techniques
  • Equipment protocols
  • Radiation safety
  • Radiation protection


Greater Skill Through Diagnostic Imaging Sub-Specialization

Our examiners tend to specialize in certain types of exams. For example, mammography technologists receive special training in order to operate the mammogram equipment. Their ability to perform mammography is well above average because they devote most of their time to it. Sub-specialization like this builds greater expertise, more skill in working with you and increased ability to deliver the best diagnostic images. Other specialties within the radiologic medical profession that are performed at the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center are:


Most of our technologists specialize in specific imaging techniques, such as those for bones, organs, or breasts.


Certification & Education Helps Assure High Quality Exams

All of our examiners have successfully graduated from one of two higher education programs:

  • 2 years in an accredited hospital-based program
  • 2-4 years at a college-level academic institution


They have also passed a national certification examination. But their education never ends. Our technologists and sonographers must continue their education by earning credits to renew their license, maintain their certification and knowledge of the changes in their modality (or imaging specialty).