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7th Annual Art Exhibit features Ware HS Student Work

May 20, 2011

Nora Switzer, Senior at Ware High School, her Mom Jennifer Switzer, and Lori Tuttle, RN, Program Manager of the Baystate Regional Cancer Program at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.  



The 7th annual student art exhibit is underway at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital as 17 pieces of art work donated to the Medical Staff by the Junior and Senior students in the Ware High School Art II class decorate the halls. 


For one student, Nora Switzer, a senior at Ware High School the art work she donated is especially personal and timely.  


Nora’s art work titled HOPE, was done in honor of her Mom, Jennifer Switzer and her journey with cancer.  Diagnosed in 2008 with Colon Cancer, Jennifer and is being treated at the Baystate Regional Cancer Program at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.   


“Nora is quiet and doesn’t say much but she speaks through her actions,” said Switzer.   “When my oncology nurse, Lori Tuttle, showed me the piece of art work donated by Nora, with the message of HOPE intertwined throughout the colorful picture, I cried, but they were tears of happiness,” notes Switzer.


“I am so proud to see Nora’s art work along with the 16 other pictures hung in the halls of hospital,” said Switzer.  “Now when I come for a visit, I can’t help but smile.  I’m sure that everyone who comes to the hospital, whether they are a patient or visitor, feels surrounded by the support and comfort of the art work.” 


A tall, vibrant and healthy right fielder for the Ware High School Girls softball team, Nora boasts a season of 10-2.  Somehow between studying, softball games and college applications, she makes time to be by her Moms side throughout her treatment.  


A cancer journey is something Nora understands.  At the age of three she was diagnosed and treated for leukemia.   “My mom took care of me and was with me every step of the way during my treatment, and I’m going to doing the same for her,” said Nora.    


Art Teacher, Pamela Grant, has incorporated the Hospital Art Work Project into her student’s curriculum since 2004.  “I am so proud to be a part of this project,” said Grant.  “We teach our students that it is important for them to have a connection with their community, and I encourage my students to use their creative talents to help others.  This project helps them to understand the healing forces of art,” said Grant.  “During the past seven years my students have learned that art can have an impact in daily lives in so many different ways.”


This year’s student art work is currently hung in the hall of the Baystate Regional Cancer Program at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.  Annually the art work is moved throughout the hospital.  


“Anyone who walks in our halls can’t help but notice the vibrant and charismatic display done by our local artists.  We thank Ms. Grant and her students for their continued donations of their creative art work.  Our Physicians, employees and visitors can’t say enough about how much they appreciate such talent,” commented Kenda Kroodsma, MD, Director of Hospital Medicine and President of the Medical Staff at the hospital.