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BMLH announces Coumadin Clinic Specializing in Outpatient Blood Thinning Therapy

April 21, 2011

Millions of Americans are on a Coumadin therapy, a medication that prevents blood from clotting.  Coumadin is a powerful and effective drug, but it also has potential side effects if the patient's response to the medication changes.


Baystate Medical Practices (BMP), Quabbin Adult Medicine, announces that it will begin a "Coumadin Clinic”, an innovative program designed to meet the special needs of patients on Coumadin. 


“The most important aspect of Coumadin therapy is to keep the level of your medication within a therapeutic range,” says Muhammad Gul, MD, medical director of BMP Quabbin Adult Medicine.  “If your level goes too low, you are at risk for blood clots, if it goes too high; you are at risk for bleeding. The clinic's monitoring maximizes the benefits of patients' therapy and minimizes their risk of complications,” said Dr Gul. 


Dr. Gul will be joined by fellow providers Dr. Ronald Beauzile, and Dr. Anuja Garg in providing care at the Coumadin Clinics that will be held at both Quabbin Adult Medicine locations in Ware and in Belchertown

“The primary responsibility of the Coumadin Clinic is to monitor patients who require blood-thinners, regulate their medication as necessary and educate them about food and drug safety,” notes Dr. Gul.  “Factors that can have an impact on the Coumadin levels include age, diet, genetic makeup and interaction with other medications.”


“In order to eliminate the need for painful blood draws and long wait times, we perform a simple finger stick blood test to monitor international normalized ratio (INR). This ratio indicates how quickly blood clots,” said Dr Gul.   “Our team will personally review the results of the test immediately with each patient, and adjust their Coumadin dosage during the appointment, eliminating the long wait for results.”


All patients referred to the Coumadin Clinic are required to have a provider or physician order.  For more information about the Coumadin Clinics at the BMP- Quabbin Adult Medicine located at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in Ware call 413-967-2343 and at 95 Sargent Street in Belchertown at call 413-323-7212.