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Emergency News Update

Plan D for Baystate Medical Center is cancelled at 2pm on Saturday, February 9th.


Weather-related information for Baystate Medical Center employees

Thank you to those who are working to care for our patients through the storm. Your dedication is appreciated. 


Employee Lounge Area

An employee lounge area has been set up in Chestnut 1A/B for relaxation, television viewing and cell phone charging, etc. 



As a reminder, no rides to and from work are available. Please continue to provide your manager with an update of the status of your work schedule and ability to get into work.


Reporting to Work Reminders

Employees are expected to work according to planned schedules for your location. Managers/directors should ensure that all patient care activities are appropriately staffed. 


Essential Employees

Employees who are considered essential to patient care or business operations are expected to report to work as usual.  Even with transportation challenges, employees should make arrangements to arrive to work on time or before scheduled shifts.  We suggest coming to work as soon as possible.  Employees must contact their manager if they are going to be delayed.