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Emily's Story

Back in the fall of 2010, I was playing varsity field hockey and began complaining of pain and cramping in my calves. I made it through the season with tylenol, ice, stretching and ankle supports. I ended the season in the top 10 leading scorers in Western Mass.


I finally saw an orthopedic physician, Dr. Greenbacher in Greenfield who took x-rays/MRI to make sure I didn’t have shin splints. When shin splints were ruled out, I had to go through a running assessment on a treadmill and ran until I could no longer endure the pain. After about ten minutes I could no longer run, and Dr. Greenbacher tested the pressures of my muscle compartments in my lower legs. When he did this he found that the pressures were unusually high and surgery was indicated.


Dr. Hoffman performed bi-lateral fasciotomies on April 7, 2011 at Baystate Medical Hospital in Greenfield on the lateral compartments of both my lower legs, and walked out of the hospital with crutches and two walking boots. After wearing the boots for 2 weeks I was able to begin walking without crutches and biking. At this time I started physical therapy two times a week for 6 weeks for reconditioning, strengthening and stretching. At 8-10 weeks, I was getting myself back into shape. I was going to be captain of the Frontier field hockey team in the fall and that summer the team got together everyday for captains practice. Recovery was slow but by the end of the summer I was back in good shape with no pain or cramping in my legs. It was a memorable and tough journey that I went through. The 2011 field hockey season was very overwhelming, our team was undefeated League and Western Mass Champs. Overcoming both adversity and challenges, I was able to get back into shape and under my dedication and leadership as one of the field hockey captains-we did it… a perfect season. My senior year I was named 2011 All-League, 2011 Gazette 1st Team All Star, 1st Team All Western Mass and top 10 leading scorer in WMASS.


I plan on attending Westfield State University to pursue a career in athletic training, fulfilling my goal of working with injured athletes both on and off the field. I also plan on continuing on to play field hockey.