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Division of Health Care Quality Staff Directory

Division of Healthcare Quality

Evan M. Benjamin, MD Senior Vice President, Healthcare Quality & Chief Quality Officer 413-794-2527
Richard Brzostek Senior Market Analyst 413-794-7653
Clarisse Burnett Staff Assistant 413-794-4285
Stephanie Calcasola, MSN, RN-BC Director, Quality & Medical Management 413-794-2531
Lori Cohen Clinical Outcomes & Business Manager 413-794-5763
Marie Housey BMP Quality Data Analyst 413-794-2930
Patricia Humiston, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-0194
Jodi Kashouh, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-3248
Marge Keyes, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-4254
Holly Maciolek, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-1690
Kathleen Mahoney, MD Associate Medical Director 413-794-2153
Deborah Naglieri-Prescod, PhD Quality Coordinator 413-794-8832
Barbara Niemiec, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-7690
Lisa Nolan Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President 413-794-2527
Randolph Peto, MD Medical Director, Patient Safety 413-794-8164
Claudia Roberts, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-2758
Carlo Ronca Data Analyst 413-794-1349
Lynn Roncalli, MBA Data Analyst 413-794-5826
Diane Russell, RN Ambulatory Quality Management Coordinator 413-794-1613
Denise Schoen, RN, MSN Patient Experience Specialist 413-794-4085
Adrianne Seiler, MD Associate Medical Director 413-794-3873
Kimberly Stewart, LPN BMP Ambulatory Performance Improvement Nurse 413-794-7804
Winthrop Whitcomb, MD Medical Director, Quality 413-794-0272

Center for Quality and Care Research

Jill Avrunin Biostatistician 413-794-7909
Katherine Dempsey Clinical Research Assistant 413-794-0303
Nick Hannon Clinical Research Coordinator 413-794-2205
Tara Lagu, MD Research Scientist 413-794-7688
Peter Lindenauer, MD Medical Director 413-794-5987
Penelope Pekow, PhD Senior Biostatistician Consultant 413-794-9863
Aruna Priya Biostatistician 413-794-7720
Jasmin Roberts Clinical Research Coordinator 413-794-2205
Amy Shatz Clinical Research Coordinator 413-794-7601
Meng-Shiou Shieh, PhD Biostatistician 413-794-7904

Infection Control

Donna Cipriani, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-8754
Patricia Daviau, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-5239
Elise Lennon, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-7728
Michele Maryanski, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-2675
Mary Ellen Scales, RN Chief Infection Control Officer 413-794-4782
June St. Georges, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-1804

Performance Improvement Services

Lori Anderson Quality Data Coordinator 413-794-2674
Mary Beth Collins, RN Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-3658
Susan Forys, RN Clinical System Administrator 413-794-3654
Karen Johnson, RN Director, Performance Improvement Services 413-794-3647
Susan Neville, RN Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-8945
Judy Richardson, RN Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-1025
Brenda Waterman, RN Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-4256

Process Improvement Services

Jessica Fraga Process Improvement Coordinator 413-794-0061
David Hansen Process Improvement Coordinator 413-794-3573
Susan Havens Executive Secretary 413-794-0272
Mary Kusiak Process Improvement Coordinator 413-794-4198
Doug Neal Vice President 413-794-0272
Thomas Vega Process Improvement Coordinator 413-794-4196