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Patient Experience

What is Patient Satisfaction or Patient Experience?  At Baystate Medical Practices (BMP), our mission is to improve the health of people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion.   We know that providing quality care not only involves how well we deliver your care, but also how well we treat you as a person- with dignity, respect, care, and compassion.  This is the “patient experience” at BMP.


Your satisfaction with your experience at BMP is very important to us.  We listen to our patients and their families and make improvements based upon what they tell us.  One way we obtain feedback for improvement is through surveys.  Listening to patient feedback is a valuable way to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve.


At BMP, we use a special survey called CG-CAHPS, or the Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Hospital Survey.  Many physician's offices and clinics throughout the United States are using this survey.  Patients are contacted by phone and are asked questions about their most recent visit to the doctor's office, such as would you recommend your doctor, how well doctors and nurses communicate, getting appointments and healthcare when needed, and courtesy and helpfulness of office staff.


To learn more about CG-CAHPS, please click this link: CG-CAHPS Fact Sheet



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Baystate Medical Practices and providers received seven PRC awards this past year for patient satisfaction. 

5-Star awards recognize 90th - 100th percentile achievement.


Baystate Medical Practices

Award Category:  Overall Quality of Doctor/Provider Care


David Page, MD Baystate General Surgery
Jacqueline J. Lee, MD Baystate General Surgery
James M. Kiely, MD Baystate General Surgery
John R. Romanelli, MD Baystate General Surgery
Dennis Oh, MD Baystate Neurosurgery
Gary M. Hochheiser, MD Baystate Thoracic Surgery
Mark K. Hirko, MD Baystate Vascular Services



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