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Funded Projects



The Rays of Hope Community Advisory Board completed its review of requests for funding from Rays of Hope. This money was raised in 2007 from the Rays of Hope Walk held in October and other grassroots fundraising efforts. The monies allocated will be used during 2008-2009.  Fourteen community-based grants and thirteen breast cancer research grants were approved for funding as well as ongoing projects with the Comprehensive Breast Center and Breast Health Network.


All requests have to meet the mission statement of Rays of Hope which is to raise funds to improve the breast health of the people in our communities with quality and compassion in partnership with Baystate Regional Cancer Program's Comprehensive Breast Center by focusing on:

  • Offering community education and outreach
  • Providing coordinated, accessible, and medically advance care at the initial stage of diagnosis and continuing through treatment and recovery
  • Supporting patients through the continuum of care that acknowledges the needs of the whole person: and
  • Funding breast cancer research


The awards are as follows:



  • Breast Health Network - includes Baystate Medical Center (BMC), Baystate Mary Lane Hospital (BMLH), and Baystate Franklin Medical Center (BFMC)
  • Breast Health Care Education Books
  • New Breast Cancer Information Books
  • Journals for breast cancer patients
  • Survivors' Day annual program
  • Wellness program for women who have completed their treatments within one year
  • Funding for uninsured women for medications, lymphedema garments and wigs, etc.
  • Funding for training for mammography technicians in mammorgraphic positioning.
  • Taxi cab vouchers for women without transportation to the Comprehensive Breast Center
  • Spanish and English language Support Groups
  • Rays of Hope newsletter - Supporting Hope



  • Thirteen scientific research grants based at BMC or through the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute



  • Franklin County Home Care outreach to rural, senior women
  • Support group for Latina women at the Spanish American Union
  • Cancer House of Hope in Springfield and Westfield
  • Cancer Connection in Florence
  • Outreach to African/American women & support of the We Can Weekend - ACS
  • BFMC support groups
  • BMLH support groups
  • The Healing Art of Yoga for Ongoing Cancer Recovery
  • Healing Touch at BMC for breast cancer patients
  • Therapeutic Massage at BFMC and BMC for breast cancer patients
  • Art From The Heart art therapy workshops for breast cancer survivors
  • Reiki Therapy at BFMC for breast cancer patients
  • Support group for African/American women
  • Forest Moon Retreat for breast cancer patients


Rays of Hope approved over $710,000. for these breast cancer programs that will help women and men with breast cancer throughout Western Massachusetts.