A Mother's Heart
The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for this New Mom

ALTJamie Delaney of Pittsfield was in the early stages of labor at North Adams Regional Hospital last July when she started having intense chest pains. Her obstetrical team decided to deliver her baby by Cesarean section, and Jax Delaney was born ahealthy boy. But his mom’s ordeal was far from over. Once the baby was delivered, Jamie received an echocardiogram, which showed a pooling of blood around her heart. Her aorta had ruptured. She was rushed by helicopter to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield and quickly underwent a series of CAT scans.


A team of doctors, led by Dr. Daniel Engelman, a cardiac surgeon at Baystate Medical Center, gathered at her bedside with the verdict. “They told me they had to bring me to surgery right away,” Jamie recalls. “It was clear things were pretty serious and that I might not survive. It was a difficult moment. My family hadn’t even arrived yet, but there was no time to wait.”


Jamie spent about a week recovering on the hospital’s cardiac unit. “The care I received was phenomenal,” she says. “I felt like they went above and beyond for me. Every time there was an issue, a team of doctors was there at my bedside. I was given a private room to make room for a crib so Jax could be with me. They had a maternity nurse come regularly, and a lactation consultant. They just wanted to make it as easy aspossible for me.” Jamie is appreciative of the fact that she was quickly transferred to Baystate Medical Center and its Baystate Heart & Vascular Program when crisis struck. Baystate Medical Center is one of the Nation’s 100 Top Hospitals for cardiovascular care.