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Leaders in Practice-- Partners in Care

Excellence in Patient Care

  • We put the patient and family at the center of all planning for care.
  • We use patient care delivery models and standards of practice that are evidenced based, and constantly measure improved outcomes for patients and families.
  • We assure that Nursing Staff have systems and technology that directly support and enhance their work and ensure that their work with patients is highly valued and meaningful.

Leadership in Service and Practice

  • We aim to be responsive and resourceful in resolving organizational challenges and achieving organizational goals with colleagues across all disciplines.
  • We provide a strong Nursing leadership and promote excellence in patient satisfaction.
  • We are active as leaders in the Nursing community beyond Baystate Health.
  • We consistently represent and promote a positive image of nursing.

Partners for Strength

  • We develop strong workforce partnerships with Nursing leaders and staff through:
  • We contribute to the success of others and achieve cooperative goals through collaborative efforts.
  • We consistently integrate Service and Education.
  • We partner with other organizations to develop a strong and healthy community.


Learning and Mentoring

  • We create a culture of advocacy, opportunity and support for continuous educational growth, clinical advancement and leadership.


  • We recognize and reward individual and team growth and excellence.
  • We recruit and prepare nursing leaders and staff for today and tomorrow. Assuring a strong Baystate Nursing Team for the future.