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Your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  Every Baystate Health staff member understands that the birth of a child is one of life's most precious moments.


To help you get ready to welcome and care for the newest member of your family, the list below links you to information you to information that every mother-to-be should know about pregnancy and childbirth.  All these topics are covered in our comprehensive range of parent education clases.


The Becoming a Family: Your Pregnancy and Hospital Services booklet provides information to assist the expecting mother:

  • Understand the changes she is experiencing
  • Deal with discomfort
  • Handle emotional changes
  • Maintain good nutrition
  • Prepare for the delivery of her baby
  • Learn more about Baystate's birthing services.

There is also a follow-up booklet, Becoming a Family: You and your baby at home.


Pregnancy is a time of many changes for the mother.  It is also a time when medical technology makes it possible to monitor the progress of the pregnancy and the health of the developing fetus. 

Making sure that we address the needs of you and your baby during pregnancy is an essential part of making sure that your birth experience at Baystate Medical Center is safe, healthy and positive.  If your pregnancy is considered to be high-risk or should you develop complications, your doctor or nurse-midwife may refer you to our Maternal-Fetal Medicine department.


The Maternal-Fetal Medicine department specializes in the evaluation of pregnancies.  The center includes physicians, perinatal nurses and sonographers who specialize in high-risk pregnancy services.  Our experts can evaluate your pregnancy by performing a variety of tests to learn early on if the pregnancy will require special attention.


The physicians are certified by the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the subspeciality of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.


Our Perinatal Diagnostic Center is certified by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.


Pregnancies considered to be high risk require closer monitoring. The care of high risk pregnancies is one of the specialties at Baystate Medical Center.


The following on-site services are available:

  • Ultrasound of the pregnancy and fetus - is a way to see the baby inside your uterus. It’s like a baby’s first physical exam. It provides information about your unborn baby and the surrounding area within the uterus.
  • Fetal echocardiogram
  • Nonstress testing - monitors a baby’s heart beat while the baby kicks and stretches. If the heartbeat increases normally during the test, the baby is probably getting enough oxygen and nutrients.
  • Biophysical profile (BPP)
  • Doppler studies in pregnancy
  • Amniocentesis - with the help of an ultrasound, allows fluid to be taken from around your baby while still inside your uterus. Testing this fluid can indicate if the baby has any health problems.
  • Chorionic villous sampling (CVS)
  • Fetal blood sampling
  • High risk pregnancy counseling
  • Genetic consultation and testing



Our professional experts may advise bedrest because of possible complications of the pregnancy.  In that event, your doctor or nurse-midwife will provide you with further instructions.Read more about Coping with Bedrest.


Learn more about all aspects of pregnancy at the National Women's Health Information website.