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Women's Heart Health

In an effort to fight the disease that is the number one killer of women, Baystate Medical Center offers a preventive program called the Women’s Healthy Heart Program. This special program, tailored specifically for women through the Women’s Health and Cardiac Programs of Distinction at Baystate, encourages participants to establish healthy lifestyles, focusing especially on exercise, nutrition, support, and counseling.


The Women’s Healthy Heart Program combines supervised exercise in the well-equipped fitness center at Baystate’s 3300 Main Street facility, with lectures that place special emphasis on nutritional issues and address a number of other women’s health issues. Central to the program is the fitness center where the participants may work out Monday through Friday with an exercise regimen tailored to meet their needs. Each month participants can attend lectures and discussions with a focus on healthy eating, risk factors related to cardiovascular disease, and how it relates to a women’s heart. The 6 and 12-week programs are designed to produce measurable results. Attendees are encouraged to sign up if desired.


Women are welcome to join at any time during the year. Good candidates for the program are women who have one or more primary risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, or who have a family history of heart disease. Participants should be seriously interested in making lifestyle changes. Women entering the program are given an orientation, during which they consult with an exercise physiologist and a dietitian to establish their individual goals.


Women with a history of cardiac disease have an opportunity to participate in a support group that meets every Tuesday at  Baystate’s 3300 main Street facility.


  For more information about the Healthy Heart Program for Women, please call (413) 794-7024.