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MassCARE & DPH Programs

MassCARE is a statewide program providing care and resource enhancement for families, women, children and adolescents living with HIV in Massachusetts.  MassCARE clinics consist of staff from major medical centers and community clinics to promote family involvement in their HIV/AIDS care and in state and national HIV/AIDS policy development.


MassCARE is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public health, Bureau of Family and Community Health, Division of Children with Special Health Care Needs and is supported in part by MCH-PO1060-01-0 of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.



Enhanced Medical Management (EMMS) and Early Interventions Services (EIS) Programs


EMMS and EIS are DPH programs that support the Pediatric ID clinic team in offering enhanced case management services for youth and adults living with HIV and to provide health care referrals and support resources for medical management of living with HIV.


Contact Us

Carrie Somppi, RN, BSN
Phone: 413-794-5054

Linda Murphy, MSW, LCSW
Phone: 413-794-5014

Maripat Toye, RN, MS
Phone: 413-794-5399