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Hearing Services (Audiology)


Baystate Rehabilitation Care audiology services offer complete hearing evaluation and diagnosis, as well as hearing aid dispensing services.


Audiologists recommend:


as well as to provide training and counseling to patients experiencing hearing loss and other related issues.


Our audiologists stay on the leading edge of of developments in audiology and amplification technology.  Because they are employed by Baystate Health and make no commission on sales, they consider only the best interests of the patient when recommending hearing aids.


Help for Hearing Problems

More than 21 million Americans of all ages experience some degree of hearing loss.  Fortunately, most people can be helped, either through medical treatment or the use of a hearing aid.  If you:

  • Find that words sound muffled
  • Feel that listening has become hard work
  • Avoid crowded rooms and stay away from social events because of hearing problems

we have helped countless people just like you. 


Expert Care

All our audiologists have doctorates in audiology.  All hold Certificates of Clinical Competence and are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide complete, comprehensive audiology services.


Hearing Evaluation

The first step is to get an accurate assessment of your hearing.  Some losses are medically correctable.  Others may be permanent, but amplification can help.  Our audiologists will make this determination with you.  If a hearing aid is indicated, they will recommend the type that best meets your individual needs.


Hearing Aids

As an important first step, people need to know what a hearing aid can and cannot do to improve communication.  Often they may also need self-help ideas that can improve listening.  We provide this help as an important part of our service.


Today's hearing aids are compact and control the loudness of everyday sounds quite effectively.  Our staff will fit you with the device that meets your individual needs, preferences and budget.



Our Locations

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