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What to Expect during a Sleep Study

Sleep studies are generally done during the night so that normal sleep patterns can be recorded (day studies can be done to accommodate night shift workers). Although many people wonder if they will actually be able to fall asleep in the center, we find that the vast majority of our patients have no trouble sleeping at all. In fact, many report experiencing the best night’s sleep they have had in years.


Depending upon the type of sleep study you require, sensors will be placed on areas of your head, face, and body, and elastic belts may be used around your chest or abdomen. These devices may be used record your brain waves, eye movement, muscle activity, heart activity and rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing, snoring, leg/body movement, and carbon dioxide levels.


After your sleep study, your results are evaluated by one of our board certified physician specialists, and a report is sent to your doctor. This usually takes about one week. You and your doctor will then meet to discuss the results of the sleep study, as well as the treatment options that may work best for you.


Sleep Room Amenities

We make every effort to make you feel safe and comfortable. Each of our facility includes home-like sleep rooms that feature soothing décor and amenities, such as:

  • comfortable beds (you can bring your own pillow if you prefer!) with fresh linens
  • reduced outside light and noise
  • self-control temperature, lighting, and bed adjustments
  • flat screen TV and DVD player (bring your own DVDs or choose one from our library)
  • private bathroom and shower


Home Sleep Studies
For patients who qualify, a home sleep study may be an option. All three Baystate locations offer home sleep studies. For more information, talk with your doctor, or call 413-794-5600.


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