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Computer-Assisted Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Baystate Medical Center's Hip and Knee Replacement Program is the only total joint replacement facility in Massachusetts outside of the Boston area to employ a brand-new computer-assisted navigation system that radically improves the accuracy and success of orthopedic surgery.


The Stryker® Navigation System – eNact knee module is an interactive operative monitoring system designed to improve surgical performance.  This computerized technology ensures that patients' artificial joints are aligned flawlessly.  The result - greater accuracy in the placement of the new joint than was previously possible by fitting the joint by hand and eye - allows artificial joints to stay strong for 20-30 years.  The computers are sensitive to angles of less than a half degree and lengths of less than a millimeter.  This gives the surgeon accurate measures of the joint before any bone is cut, after the bone is cut, and once the new joint components are in place.  It also means that the surgeon can operate using smaller incisions with less loss of blood and shorter healing times. 


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To see if you or a loved one are a candidate for this new joint replacement surgery, have your physician make an appointment for you at Baystate's Hip and Knee Replacement Program at 413-233-1200.