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Becoming a Living Kidney DonorĀ 


Why donate?

  • When you become a living kidney donor you offer a child or an adult in Western Massachusetts an alternative to waiting on the national transplant list for a kidney from a deceased donor

Currently, there are well over 1,400 children and adults waiting for kidney transplants in Massachusetts alone.

  • If you make a living kidney donation, you will be donating one of your two healthy kidneys to replace a malfunctioning kidney in another person.  After the transplant surgery, both of you resume normal, active lives.



Deciding whether you want to be a living kidney donor involves careful consideration and can only be made by you without pressure from family, friends, or the recipient.

If you do decide to become a potential donor you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • have a blood type compatible with the recipient
  • be genuinely willing to donate
  • be physically fit and in good general health.

What to expect:

  • Before you are accepted as a living donor, you will undergo a number of medical tests by our team to make sure that you are a suitable candidate.

  • Baystate Medical Center has a living donor advocate who can address any concerns you may have about the donation.

  • No cost to you as the donor for the required medical tests and surgery.

  • Medicare typically covers the cost of the living donor's evaluation, testing and surgery.

  • A Baystate Medical Center financial counselor is available to help answer all of your financial questions.