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Orthopedic Trauma


Left to right: Bennett S. Burns, MD, Paul A. Koerner, MD, 
Tamara Livingstone, PA-C, Lois A. Nichols, MD, Alan H. Bullock, MD, 
J. Stephen Brecht, MD, Elizabeth Rist, PA-C 

While Baystate's trauma surgeons give highest priority to life-threatening injuries, they consider the patient's total state and integrate treatment of less urgent conditions into a complete plan of care.  For example, a hand or leg injury may not need immediate attention, but if left unattended, it could result in disability or discomfort when the patient's condition stabilizes.

For this reason, Baystate Trauma Services calls in orthopedic trauma surgeons at the outset to manage and treat secondary injuries concurrently with the life-threatening ones.  These orthopedic trauma surgeons are specialists in treating trauma injuries caused by auto accidents, gunshot wounds, industrial disasters, etc.,  and know how important it is to integrate trauma surgery with the overall needs of the patient down the line. The orthopedic trauma surgeons are:

From Baystate Orthopedics, Inc.

  • Paul A. Koerner, MD
  • Alan H. Bullock, MD

From New England Orthopedic Surgeons

  • J. Stephen Brecht, MD
  • Bennett S. Burns, MD
  • Lois A. Nichols, MD

Physician Assistants:

  • Tamara Livingstone, PA-C
  • Elizabeth Rist, PA-C

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