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The Department of Pathology supports all of Baystate Health's clinical activities with diagnostic expertise, teaching and research, and is the largest laboratory service in Western Massachusetts. The department consists of four major divisions:

  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Molecular Pathology & Genetics
  • Outreach Services

Pathology is the branch of medicine that treats the essential nature of disease. In 2007 the Baystate Medical Center Department of Pathology examined 45,874 surgical specimens, 69,014 cytopathologic specimens, 18,000 immunohistochemical studies, almost 1 million point of care tests and performed 131 autopsies.

Watch the video above to see how Baystate pathologists remain on the cutting edge while preparing for the future.

The Department of Pathology is staffed by more than 500 professionals. These include medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians and assistants, management support and administrative staff. In addition, there are 22 staff pathologists, all of whom have earned certification by the American Board of Pathology and many who also have subspeciality training and certification.


While the Department of Pathology at Baystate Health has grown in its capabilities and physical size during recent years, our fundamental commitment remains steadfast: to care, serve, teach, and explore at medicine's frontiers in a cooperative and supportive partnership with our clinical colleagues and their patients in the greater Pioneer Valley area. Commitments to quality, accuracy, and timeliness in laboratory services round out this mission.



The pathologists at Baystate Health are Board Certified in Anatomic and/or Clinical Pathology and their subspecialties. Many of our pathologists are nationally recognized experts in their fields, and several also possess doctoral degrees in related basic sciences, including immunology, molecular biology, and physiology.


Our staff of pathologists in conjunction with over 500 laboratory professionals provides comprehensive diagnostic testing services in a variety of areas including Anatomic Pathology, Blood Donor and Transfusion Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, Cytogenetics, Endocrinology, Hematology, Immunology, Flow Cytometry, Microbiology, and Molecular Pathology.


Our Pathologists:

Chester Andrzejewski, M.D., PhD

Q. Jackie Cao, M.D.

Lisa L. Cole, M.D.

Giovanna M. Crisi, M.D., PhD

Wayne H. Duke, M.D.

Roxanne R. Florence, M.D.

Katya R. Ford, M.D.

Jonathan K. Freeman, M.D.

Richard C. Friedberg, M.D., PhD


David L. Gang, M.D.

Jean M. Henneberry, M.D.

John P. Hunt, M.D.

Vandita P. Johari, M.D.

Luis A. Moral, M.D.

Franklin R. Moore, M.D., PhD

James D. Mueller, M.D., PhD

James H. Nichols, PhD




The department serves as a reference laboratory for the quality control program of the Massachusetts Society of Pathologists.


The Pathology Department also offers education programs for residents, fellows and medical students.