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Baby's and Parent's Rights

Your Baby’s Rights

A baby has a right to:

  • Be nurtured with love and affection
  • Be kept clean
  • Live in a comfortable and safe environment
  • Receive adequate healthcare
  • Live in a stable home environment
  • Be fed a nutritious diet
  • Play and be actively played with
  • Be talked to
  • Be clothed appropriately
  • Be free from physical, emotional and sexual abuse


Your Rights as a Parent

Baystate Medical Center supports your basic rights while you are a patient here.


As a parent of a hospitalized baby, you have the right to:

  • Choose the facility in which your baby will be treated
  • Receive an itemized bill for services your baby receives
  • Know the names and specialties of the people treating your baby
  • Maintain confidentiality of your baby’s medical records
  • Receive a prompt response to your requests, questions or concerns
  • Know the relationship between your hospital and other health care or educational facilities
  • Know the rules of the facility which apply to you and your baby
  • Receive information about financial assistance and free health care
  • See or obtain copies of your baby’s medical records
  • Refuse to have your baby be examined or treated by students or other staff
  • Receive privacy during treatment
  • Receive prompt life saving treatment in an emergency
  • Consent for your baby’s treatment
  • Know the relationship between your baby’s doctor and the Medical Center
  • Know your baby’s treatment options


Decisions About Your Medical Care


Your Right to Receive Information and to Make Decisions about Your Baby’s Medical Care

You have certain legal rights regarding your baby’s medical care including:

  • The right to receive from your physician information you need to make an informed and voluntary decision about whether to agree to a procedure or treatment your physician recommends;
  • The right to receive information in a way you can understand; and
  • The right to accept or refuse any procedure or treatment, including life-sustaining treatments.


Before you decide to accept any treatment or procedure for your baby, you must be given information including:

  • A description of the recommended treatment or procedure, including its risks, benefits, and the likely outcome;
  • A description of alternative treatments or procedures with their risks, benefits, and likely outcomes, including the result of not having any treatment at all;
  • The major problems, if any, expected in recovering and the time period during which you might not be able to resume your usual activities.
  • Other information usually given by physicians to patients in similar circumstances;
  • Other information which would be important for you in making your decision.