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Baystate Employees


New secure login site


Your Benefits: 

  •  To review your Benefits
    1. Log in to PeopleSoft
    2. Select Self Service
    3. Select Benefits
    4. Select Benefits Information and choose which benefits you want to view
    5. If you want to review benefits for another year, change the date on the Summary page and select GO.


Review your benefits.


Login to eWorkplace (existing account required) or check your enrollment packet for:

  •   Plan descriptions
  •   Rates
  •   Provider directories
  •   Information about other benefits not elected online, etc.






Forgot user ID or password.  To keep your personal information secure, most of these links require log in with your PeopleSoft user ID and password.   




NOTE:  According to Baystate Health policy, Baystate pays employees for time worked at home only if specified in the employee's job description or approved by a supervisor.  Using these links to Baystate systems will not qualify for compensation without supervisor approval.




Baystate Email Login

Baystate Healthy

Click here for more information about the programs and resources designed to enhance your health, well-being and worklife balance.


New Secure Login

- For most, no impact it will just look different

- Still use your regular ID and password

New updated secure login - instructions

- Some Mac users may encounter a "Smartcard Error 11".  To fix this error please use tipsheet


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